Our Products

American Craftsmanship

At Dapwood, we design and hand-craft all of our solid hardwood furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We craft everything to order to be sure it receives the care, customization and attention it requires. Some may consider us old fashioned but we know we make the best products when human hands are working the wood with every step.

Bespoken Furnishing

Since we craft everything to order, you get the exact piece you wanted- not something ‘close enough’. We routinely make furniture taller, wider, mixed hardwoods, live edge, and so on. Instead of compromising how your furniture fits into your space and lifestyle, talk with us so you can get exactly what you want.

Quick Turn-Around Times

We take pride in the fact of our quick turn-around times. We are usually able to ship items in a matter of weeks- not months. For some of our simpler pieces we may be able to ship it out in only a few days! If long-lost Aunt Mildred just phoned to tell you she is coming for an unexpected visit, talk with us as we offer priority turn-around for a minimal up-charge. Be assured that we would never sacrifice quality for quick turn-around times!


Since we use only natural wood, all the beautiful character in the wood makes every piece of furniture unique. To take it even a step further, we also regularly work with clients to create signature pieces of custom furniture. It might take a little more time to find a piece of wood with amazing character but it is well worth it.

Responsible Wood

All of our hardwood comes from sustainably-managed forests in the U.S. to ensure we leave precious resources for future generations. For signature pieces, we work with “Urban Wood” suppliers that rescue beautiful city trees that may have toppled in storms, which can then become integrated into our natural living spaces. We are also partnering with eco-minded suppliers who work with farmers that have a “back forty” forest that are in need of thinning. Normally these trees are considered slash to be hauled away or burned. We know how to put this under appreciated resource to good use.

Safe Finishes

All of our finishes are safe and eco-friendly so they do not off-gas dangerous chemicals that can lead to health problems. If a baby or puppy decides to try out a new tooth on Dapwood furniture- no worries. It is perfectly natural and can be simply sanded smooth and topped with another coat of finish to make it look new again.

Quality Workmanship

We design and craft our products to last a lifetime. We even use solid hardwood for bed slats when others use cheap plywood or unstable pine. We connect everything together with industrial grade hardware. Solid hardwoods and solid construction are the hallmarks of Dapwood Furniture.

Innovative Products

We design our products so they can disassemble into smaller parts and ship via FedEx Ground. Since we do not have to ship freight, the coordination, fuel usage and shipping costs are all lower. An added benefit of this design methodology is that our furniture is simple to move up stairs or around tight corners. And when it is time to move, the furniture can be disassembled for easy packing.

We currently focus on bed frames and tables but are always adding new creations. Learn more.

Our Impetus

Clean Living

In 2004, after 60 years of hard work, our owner’s father was diagnosed with a disease that will erode his quality of life and eventually kill him. While the cause of this disease is not know for certain, it is most likely caused by repeated exposure to man-made chemicals prevalent in our environment today. Because of the pervasiveness of chemicals in our paints, automobiles, clothing, flooring, food, building materials and mass-marketed goods we are lulled into believing these wonder compounds must be safe. No one has a definitive answer on how much chemical exposure is too much. We simply know that there was too much chemical exposure for our owner’s father which has now become a serious health problem.

After getting over the shock and anger that this was an avoidable disease, a mandate was set into motion- Dapwood will do all that it can to ensure all products are made with the most natural of materials and in the safest possible way. Dapwood wants all families to be healthy and safe- now and into the future. At Dapwood, we can sleep well at night knowing we are contributing to cleaner living.

Waste Reduction

Our nation is drowning in our own trash. Just think about the fact that our piles of waste have become so large we make ski areas out of them! Many manufacturers today have business models based on selling products that will only last for a few number of years. Break, toss and buy again. To us this is extremely wasteful of money, materials and time. A business strategy of “design obsolescence” is not sustainable- by definition!

While to some it may not make business sense to make a quality product that lasts, at Dapwood, our decisions are made with sustainability at the forefront because we have to stop trashing the only place we can call home.

In This Together

At Dapwood, we try to always step back from the trendy or hot or fashionable and realize we live a complex world with many webs binding us together. Every decision, however small, has an effect on our co-workers, neighbors, family, community, nation and planet. We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to make smart, long-term decisions that bring us all together.

We are also realistic and understand society will never be perfect. However, we will not take a defeatist attitude and give up. We want to make a better tomorrow even though perfection is unattainable. We will always work to better ourselves and our society.

Priority Alignment

Today, too many people have forgotten that a business is simply a collection of people and not some sort of veil to hide behind with compromised ethics. Corporate profits, shareholder equity, and executive bonuses are NOT the meaning of life. We believe happiness, good health, great communities and caring families are truly the most important things in life. Decisions that we all make day-in and day-out directly contribute to those factors for us today but more importantly for future generations.

Our Philosophy

Certified B-Corporation

In order to prove these beliefs are in our DNA and not some marketing scheme, Dapwood has been a Certified B Corporation since 2013. This prestigious designation is awarded to a new breed of companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. With this certification, we join other leading companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Method, Dansko, Cabot Creamery and Seventh Generation.

In order to become a Certified B Corporation, B Lab, a nonprofit that certifies and supports B Corporations, conducted a rigorous evaluation of Dapwood Furniture Co. and determined the company met the comprehensive performance standards to qualify for certification. Additionally, Dapwood Furniture Co. is now legally required to consider the impact of business decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment.

Wholesome Materials

We only use the finest natural materials that are safe for you and your family. We only use wood grown and sustainably managed in the USA. We do not believe that clear-cutting forests or reduction of environmental diversity is a smart long-term solution.

In order to bring out the inherent beauty of solid hardwoods, we use only natural finishing products. Our finishes are non-toxic and in fact, our linseed oil is often ingested daily as an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement. For years we searched and evaluated any colored finish that was touted as eco-friendly but we always ended up disappointed. As we were about to give up the idea of colors, we found a plant oil finish with natural pigments. We go to great lengths to only use the safest materials available.

Because of the fact that all of the materials are produced in the U.S. and crafted in our shop in New Mexico, our furniture never needs to be subjected to a “bug bomb” at U.S. Customs’ ports. You will not find this level of purity with any other product in the marketplace.

Resource Optimization

Typically what other furniture makers call wood waste, we call a resource. This resource is reused, recycled or donated. We have worked long and hard to optimize resources and reduce our footprint.

Built to Last

Most furniture today is made of saw dust or wood flour mixed with lots of adhesives and cured under pressure. In order to try and hide this fact, a thin plastic veneer is applied to cover the core. These materials are not very strong and damage to the skin or core is not repairable. Since our products are made from real, solid hardwood, any dents or dings from everyday life can be removed with simple sanding and reapplication of natural finishes.

Replaceable and Upgradeable

We often have clients call us to say movers lost a part in a move. With Dapwood, we can craft you another piece to quickly make your furniture whole again. We are also contacted by clients that ordered one of our simpler models and are looking for a change. In most cases we can craft additional parts to upgrade a look without having to buy all new. This is simply not possible with furniture found in big-box stores.

Great Workplace

We are on a vigorous program to upgrade our equipment beyond US safety standards to minimize accident potential. We have gone over 6 years without an incident and we aim to go 100 years more.

While we would love to compensate our employees with wages like professional athletes, reality doesn’t allow for that. However, we pay our employees above a living wage to contribute to increased job satisfaction and reduce money stresses at home.

We also understand employees can become stressed with a rigid 9 to 5 work day. Young children, school and/or elderly parents can make for a scheduling nightmare. Therefore, we allow our employees to work flexible schedules that meet their personal and family’s needs.

Second Chances

Dapwood has also given opportunities to individuals who have had run-ins with the law or overcome addictions and are in need of another chance. While in all honestly we have not yet found a long-term happy ending from this effort, we still believe that we should always try to lend a helping hand.

Impactful Giving

We make monetary donations to small, local charities that we think have a greater direct impact on the people they serve. We have also donated furniture to people who have lost everything to natural disasters and didn’t have insurance or starting a new live by leaving an abusive relationship. Additionally, we want to support the arts so we donate materials to schools so children can create beautiful crafts and become inspired.

Peaceful Places

It is important to have outdoor places to unwind and recharge- or simply to just have fun. Because of this, we regularly provide sweat-equity to improve nature trails, clean open spaces and improve parks to be sure they are places we can all enjoy.

Our Customers

We have successfully built many products for people that have the highest of chemical sensitivities. This ranges from those exposed to the horrors of 9/11 in New York City to new mothers who want to reduce all chemical exposure for their child. However, the majority of our work is building solid wood products for over 30,000 customers. It is not uncommon for us to get a call from a customer that purchased one of our products years ago and would like to add another piece. That’s a nice feeling.

We think we are doing things right when we get comments like:

We are so pleased with the recent purchase and assembly of our King Bed Frame! I have never seen such workmanship in a product line designed for the homeowner to assemble. The Oak headboard and footboard slats are nice and not too loose. The Oak runners with the index for the slats are straight and true. The slat kit is easy to handle and position along with the center supports included to support the two center runners. The Oak looks wonderful with the natural oil finish. Wood is high quality with no visible defects.

Assembly was a breeze and it all fit very well together. My wife and I spent our first night in our newly constructed master bedroom on a nice King Mattress from *** and a great BED FRAME made by DAPWOOD!

If we can ever help your company as EXTREMELY satisfied customers, please do not hesitate to call. Now we just might purchase those night stands next!
Really happy people,David & Cindy in Arkansas

We do not believe in soliciting clients for reviews. If a customer sends us a note on their own volition, we know it is truly authentic and honest. Over the years we have saved some of these unsolicited comments to remind us what we are doing right. If you are interested in reading what others have to say: Learn more

Our Champion

Gregg Mich

Mich Family in Kings Canyon CA
After growing up in southeastern Wisconsin and graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Gregg moved to Minneapolis to see just how cold it could get. One Minnesota winter answered it- darn cold. It was time for something different. So, Gregg and his girlfriend at the time (now wife) looked to the West for a new adventure. It came down between the Pacific Northwest’s 300 days of rain or the Southwest’s 300 days of sun. Not surprisingly, the road lead to the beautiful “Land of Enchantment”- New Mexico. For the first few wonderful months, the flatlanders criss-crossed the state exploring their new surroundings. Unfortunately, money started to run thin and reality set in. After a few jobs in Information Technology, Gregg helped build an international high tech manufacturing corporation. 13 years later, the entrepreneurial bug bit hard and the opportunity to lead Dapwood to the next stage was set. Gregg’s personal passion for building eco friendly, safe, sustainable products in America made the move even more attractive. At Dapwood, Gregg focuses on new markets, products, and designs. Outside of Dapwood, Gregg cherishes his time spent with his wife and their two sons. In their free time, they love to camp and travel in all of the beautiful western states.