Custom Furniture

I like that, but…

Since everyone is unique, we understand that our standard products may not suit your specific need. Because of this, we offer customization for most of our products. Additionally, since we make all of our products, we can design custom furniture that meets your exact need. To start the process we need to translate your idea into a sketch or drawing that we can build to. To aid in this effort, we ask for magazine clippings, dimensions, photos or even doodles on the back of a napkin to help us “see” what you have in mind. If you don’t exactly know what you want, we are happy to work with you to generate a sketch of your custom furniture.

How do we do that?

We charge a non-refundable $100 fee for our time to work through the design process. If a piece of custom furniture is produced, this fee is applied to the total cost so you are not out any money. This sketch or drawing is vitally important so we can generate an accurate quote for you to review. In order to go beyond this phase, we require a sign-off on the quote and a 50% down payment.

Oops, I want to tweak that

We understand that change could happen even after a design is agreed to. Unfortunately, a seemingly simple change may have a major impact on the design of the piece. We can incorporate most change requests but keep in mind there is likely an associated time and material cost impact. We will provide you with the cost of the change and require your approval. Some examples of order changes include: Dimensions, Wood, Details, Finish, Hardware, etc.

I need it tomorrow

Even though we make all of our products to order, we strive to make them quickly so our customers can enjoy them as soon as possible. Please understand that while we want to ship pieces quickly, we will not allow our quality to suffer. Keep in mind that custom furniture must be handled differently and do not go through the same process as our standard products. For example, we may need to make a new woodworking jig- very time intensive but necessary for satisfactory results. We always try to complete pieces in a few weeks but we want you to know that custom furniture may take longer because of design complexity or delivery times of raw materials from our suppliers. We will provide you with an estimated ship date at the beginning of the process and notify you of any changes.

Oops, I changed my mind

Since the design is uniquely yours, custom furniture is not returnable. However, we stand behind our custom products the same as our standard products with our material and craftsmanship warranty