Quality Furniture

Quality is a term that has a multitude of definitions and is something that humans can sense readily. It might be the look of subtle details or the use of luxurious materials or the taste of the freshest ingredients. It is what helps us perceive and categorize items and experiences.

Quality at Dapwood is obviously more focused on furniture. To us, quality is making a great product from honest materials which are healthy and long lasting.

Quality Furniture

With the transfer of manufacturing of furniture (as well as most consumer products) to Asian factories over the last quarter century, we have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the use of cheap “manufactured wood” containing VOCs and toxic chemicals (such as formaldehyde). This trend is most often justified as being better for corporate profits. Not only are these methods environmentally dangerous, they yield inferior goods that do not last.

At Dapwood, we feel there is another way. We advocate for the highest standards for materials, craftsmanship and safety. We have been making chemical-free quality furniture from natural materials for over 30 years all here in America.

Quality Health

If you think about it, humans typically spend 1/3 of the day sleeping. This time is supposed to be rejuvenating and healthy. It is critically important that items in the bedroom (bed frame, furniture, sheets, pillows, mattress, blankets, paint, flooring, and so on) be free of potentially harmful chemicals.

Imported products often use petrochemicals in both the manufacturing of the product (adhesives and fillers) as well as finishes (paints and stains). Once these imported goods are brought into the home, their toxicity is transferred to all members of the family who breathe in vapors they emit for the years those items are in use. Additionally, there is the potential for additional chemical exposure since goods imported into the U.S. are required to be fumigated (bug-bombed) to kill invasive insects and larvae.
You are entitled to the cleanest, healthiest product available and that is why we go to great lengths to provide you with only quality furniture.

Quality Life

Son holding Fathers hand
Beyond the consumers who deserve quality health, we have to remember the people who make the products. Workers must not be oppressed by tyrannical governments, but also as important, not exploited by greedy corporations. All people have basic human rights and they must be upheld. These issues are not at play at Dapwood since we design, craft and ship our products from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Also, what about the environment? Policy makers act as if the environment is some distant, nebulous entity that doesn’t care about pollution or toxicity. It says nothing so it must not mind. In reality, the environment is US. We are all products of our environment. If we do not take care of the environment, we are not taking care of our lives and those to come.

Quality is the Best Value

Sure the upfront cost for quality is more than a cheap alternative but in the long run, the longer-lasting quality product is always a better value. The cheap products may look and work well initially but they often break quickly and have no way of being repaired. Sadly, this means the cheap products are headed to the landfill where untold resources, labor and money is lost. Furthermore, their toxicity is now transferred to our landfills where they will leach into the environment for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. The cycle is then repeated ad naseum as consumers must once again purchase a new product.

Deep down we honestly believe that many societal problems are closely linked to cheap, disposable products. We do not buy into a mega-mart mentality that cheap always wins and consumers are not smart enough to make good long-term decisions. A quality product is simply the best value.

Quality Matters

At Dapwood, quality is paramount. The materials, the health, the life and the value are all interconnected. We may be old fashioned in our belief that companies, unlike international corporate conglomerates, should be responsible stewards and place people and planet on equal footing with profits. That’s why we will continue working to protect the earth’s resources for future generations by being a quality company crafting quality furniture.