Tragedy hits a Fellow B Corporation

Posted on: July 14, 2017, by :

Dapwood Furniture has been a proud member of the B Corporation community for over 5 years. Our goal is to foster and promote a higher standard of business practices and accountability. One of the more rewarding aspects of B Corp membership is that we are linked with like-minded businesses not only throughout the States but around the world. Like the 1970’s Coca Cola jingle “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, B Corp members see the world as an interconnected global community. A place in which each of the world’s cultures shares the same concerns about human rights, peace and sustainability of our planet.

Not only are we brought together by this purpose, our commitment to one another is also strengthened by conflict. The test of our resolve has been no greater than with recent events in Afghanistan. On May 31st, 2017, Roshan, an Afghanistan telecommunications company (one of the country’s largest private sector employers and a certified B Corporation) was attacked. Roshan suffered the tragic loss of thirty employees and another eighty wounded as a result of a massive terrorist blast.

B Lab, the entity that certifies B Corporations, has partnered with Mercy Corps- a nonprofit with local on-the-ground offices in Kabul- to set up a Roshan Family Fund to accept donations to support the families of Roshan employees who have been killed or wounded, all of whom were the primary breadwinners of their family.

Dapwood is pleased to support this noble effort and sends our thoughts and prayers to these latest victims of world conflicts. It is all of our wishes that all members of our world community will somehow find a way to lay aside our religious and political differences finding enough room on our planet so that we can all begin to live in harmony and peace.