Premium Hardwoods

Managed Hardwood Forests

Dapwood uses only the finest American hardwoods from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) managed forests. FSC is an internationally recognized program that signifies responsible forestry. Our hardwood lumber supplier’s 50,000+ acres of timberland are all FSC certified. By utilizing wood from FSC forests, we encourage sustainable practices that lead to long-term environmental stability.

To further prove the point that sustainable forestry is possible-

Forest area in the United States stands at 751 million acres, or about one-third of the Nation’s land area. Forest area was about one billion acres at the time of European settlement in 1630. Of the total forest land loss of nearly 300 million acres, most occurred in the East between 1850 and 1900, as broadleaf forests were cleared for agriculture. For the last 100 years, the total forest area has been relatively stable, while the U.S. population has nearly tripled.U.S. Forest Service's Draft National Report on Sustainable Forests – 2010

Managed U.S. forests are truly sustainable and we want to support this effort.

Dapwood’s Hardwoods

We use the following hardwoods in our products and usually let the natural color, grain and texture of the wood come to life with natural finishes.


(Juglans nigra)
Black Walnut closeup
Common Names: American walnut or Eastern black walnut
Characteristics: The sapwood of black walnut is nearly white, while the heartwood is light brown to dark, chocolate brown, often with a purplish cast and darker streaks. The wood is heavy, hard, and stiff and has high shock resistance.


(Prunus serotina)
Black Cherry closeup
Common Names: Wild black cherry, mountain black cherry and rum cherry
Characteristics: The heartwood is brownish with a greenish tinge, darkening upon exposure to a deep reddish brown with a golden luster. The wood has a mild, aromatic scent, but no characteristic taste. It is of medium density, firm, and strong, with a fine, uniform texture.

Hard Maple

(Acer saccharum)
Hard Maple closeup
Common Names: Sugar maple or rock maple
Characteristics: Sapwood is commonly white with a slight reddish-brown tinge. Hard maple has a fine, uniform texture, is resistant to abrasion and has no characteristic odor or taste. It is heavy, strong, stiff, hard, and resistant to shock.

Red Oak

(Quercus rubra)
Red Oak closeup
Common Names: American red oak, black oak, buck oak, eastern red oak
Characteristics: Heartwood is reddish brown in color and has a course texture. Oak is heavy, straight-grained, hard, tough, very stiff, and strong.