The following are just a few unsolicited comments from real customers. In order to respect our client’s identity we have used only first names. Recently, we have started to add dates because we have seen some questionable practices online and we want to prove our authenticity. Dapwood does not solicit or provide something in return for these comments.

Thank you for making such a beautiful and thoughtfully constructed bed! We finally had time to assemble it yesterday – it is just perfect and exactly what we’ve been looking for. As an artist myself, whose husband also used to design and build cherry furniture on occasion, the materials you use and the craftsmanship are much appreciated. It looks as lovely in our antique New England farmhouse as I’m sure it would look in a contemporary Southwest home.

Penny B. in Lincoln MA, 5/2022

I’ve meant to email you and let you know that the bed arrived and it looks beautiful. We are in the process of painting the room, so we’ve only opened the boxes to let them breathe :). We will assemble the bed soon and look forward to seeing it in one piece.

Thank you for your wonderful handicraft. We’re excited to sleep in such a beautiful bed.


Karin H. in Seattle WA, 2/2019

Wanted to tell you the table you made for us is absolutely beautify. It greatly exceeded our expectations and your craftsmanship is wonderful. We will definitely be contacting you in the future for more furniture.

Dave K. in Chicago IL, 10/2017

I just wanted to let you know we love the daybed! It is beautifully made and fits perfectly in our daughter’s room. The extra rail is perfect for bedtime reading sessions. Thank you for all your help to ensure we got what we wanted!

Emily C. in Charlotte NC, 9/2017

Just wanted to thank you so much for your excellent craftsmanship- I love the walnut desk that you made for me!
I appreciate your efforts to make a quality product without all the toxic stains and finishes.
Best wishes for continued success of Dapwood.

Satyan S. in Albuquerque NM, 8/2017

We also wanted to add a special note of how much we love your beautiful art in the form of our beds – they are truly breath-taking. It was truly worth all the back and forth (we hope for you as well), and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

With deep appreciation,

Alli H. in Cumberland MA, 9/2016

Thank you so much for the beautiful Harvest Moon cherry bed. I received it on May 3 and was just leaving for a work trip, so I set it up before I left. This was perfect timing also to allow the bed a couple of days to air out, though I’m pleased to report that there have been no issues for me or my cat with this mild, pleasant fragrance of the linseed oil and natural wood.

I love the strawberry blond color, as I was most hoping that the wood tone would not be too dark. This has a nice warm golden reddish glow. The grain is lovely and the wood is finished very nicely with just a touch of rustic, which fits with my style. The arch in the footboard echoes the headboard beautifully. I’m really glad I went with cherry. Thanks for being so accommodating with my decision process.

Now I am just waiting for my mattress, but in the meantime I am admiring the bed frame with its perfectly placed slats.

Thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship. It is good to know that my bed was made with such care for health and the environment.

Best wishes,

Susannah H. in Silver Springs, MD 5/2016

The bed is gorgeous! Thank you!!!

Robin S. in Newport Coast, CA 3/2016

It has been delivered and installed and we love it! Thank you for creating a sturdy and toxin free bed for my kids!

Katie S. in San Jose, CA 2/2016

We love our new bed. Thank you very much! Have a good year. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Judith in Silver Creek, WA 1/2016

I wanted to let you know that the bed was finally delivered and I set it up this week. It is beautiful. I am sure my daughter will appreciate it, as it is so much better in quality than the IKEA junk she had. Many thanks.

All my best,

Tina R. in Newbury Park, CA 11/2015

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dapwood futon frame, and purchased it specifically because it is sustainably made. I just wanted to reach out, introduce myself, connect, say hi, and tell you how much I love your company.

Melissa B in Portland, OR 10/2015

Thank you for all your help! Great Customer Support!

Helen H in San Diego, CA 8/2015

Perfect, thanks.
I’m so glad we found Dapwood!

Beth D in St. Louis, MO 5/2015

Hi! I have a high desert bed frame that my parents bought probably over 20 years ago! It’s in great shape! But unfortunately during my move from Chicago to Los Angeles, the middle piece has disappeared!!! Is there any way I could purchase a replacement of just the middle board that hooks in?

Lia F in Los Angeles, CA 10/2014

The bed frames r really beautiful!!

Thank u again!

Ninon M in Del Mar, CA 9/2014

Its truly a beautiful piece of furniture.
Thanks so much, and we’ve started saving up for a new Dapwood bedframe of our own later in the year.

Meredith J in New York, NY 9/2014

We have enjoyed one of your king-size beds purchased 10 years ago….

Jim H 8/2014


I purchased a bed from Dapwood last year and love it!
Thank you!

Megan D in Jamestown NY 6/2014

I have purchased a toddler bed form your company maybe 4 years ago with a custom headboard similar to your charleston bed. Oh and you can’t forget how much he loves jumping on it yet and it’s still perfect! Now I’m looking at getting a twin size bed for my now 8 year old son, who loves his bed so much that he doesn’t want a twin while his feet are almost hanging off.

Kimberly K in Allentown PA 5/2014

Just want to tell you that we love the bed frames. They are beautifully made and look great. Thank you!

Neil and Angie in Queens NY 4/2014

Greetings! About to order my THIRD Dapwood bed! Simply love your quality and simplicity. Wouldn’t sleep on any other.

Jody M 4/2014

Perhaps you remember me — we had ordered two twin bed frames from you last
year which we love! We now would like to order a platform for a queen bed….

David S in Santa Barbara CA 3/2014

Thank you again, Dapwood. You have been a pleasure to work with!

Rashelle R. in Santa Clara CA 3/2014

Just wanted to thank you again for the gorgeous bed. It arrived safely and was super easy to install. Our son is thrilled about his new “big boy” bed. Huge success!

All the best,
Cristin M in Santa Fe NM 3/2014

Hi there. I have one of your bed frames in walnut. I absolutely love it! …..

Best regards,

Matt S 2/2014

I had a problem with one of your beds getting squeaky a few months ago (we have 3 of them, just one
was having a problem). It had extra long legs and we were using it on a tile floor.

You came in to meet me on a weekend (out of hours) and worked on our bed frame, taking it apart, and using longer hardware to put it back together, sanding out some small divots, etc. You also suggested we get some small foot pads to keep it from sliding on the tile, which we did.

Since then the squeaking has gone away and not returned. The bed seems more rigid and stable.

Thanks for going the extra mile for us,

Steve P in Albuquerque NM 1/2014

We are *so* excited about our 2 new bedframes and that we are are supporting a local and green business. Thank you for doing the right thing. We thank you for everything.
All the best,

Laura J in Baltimore MD 12/2013

Our frames arrived on Saturday, two days earlier than expected. We think the cherry and walnut are both beautiful and the fit and finish is excellent. Every time I see them or show them off to others I feel proud to own something handmade by American artisans out of native materials. Thanks for doing things the hard way. Happy holidays!

Brian J in Baltimore MD 12/2013

I just wanted to let you know that we finally got the bed set up this weekend and it is perfect. Thanks again!

Claire H in San Francisco CA 11/2013

I would just like to say that when I bought this bed many years ago from a US manufacturer, I hoped that their service was top notch. I was right.

Thanks again for taking the time to solve this issue.

Have a great weekend.

Kevin M. in Campbell CA 11/2013

The new mattress arrived today and the bed is great – the perfect size. Thank you so much for everything.

I would recommend your company to anyone!

With sincere thanks,
Luisa H. in Las Vegas NV 9/2013

We really like the Dapwood bed – the fact that it is solid wood with a chemical-free finish is great! Please keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Rashmi in San Francisco 9/2013

I have three of your beds and I LOVE THEM. And we just moved all 3 of them – took them all apart and put them all together again with no problems!!

Thank you for making such beautiful furniture and for being such a great company.

Cary B. 8/2013

Hi, I bought a daybed from you last year. it’s the first new piece of furniture i’ve ever purchased, and is now the best thing i own, period. I’d like to order another.

Katie W. in Albuquerque NM 8/2013

I was looking through old emails so I decided to write again!
My son who is now 7 years old is still using his “toddler” bed and it is just as wonderful as the day we assembled it. He says he loves the bed so much he doesn’t want a big bed, but I rest assure him that I will order one that looks exactly the same but for a twin size bed. He loves how low the bed is too. It has withstood him jumping off of it, playing on it, and adults laying on it.

Thank you so much!

Kim K. in Allentown PA 7/2013

I purchased a bed frame for my son from your company about three years ago. It is a great product and I want to buy the same frames for my twin boys.

Jinea 7/2013

It was so nice to have a pleasant customer service experience. You can be sure we will recommend Dapwood to our friends and family.

David F. in Missoula MT 7/2013

I must say, having dealt with a lot of different companies for all sorts of  products over the past few months with our latest move, you have shown most excellent customer support and follow through. It’s a rare thing nowadays, unfortunately.

By the way, the bed arrived yesterday, and it’s gorgeous. We love it. that Walnut is just so beautiful. Thank you.

Jessica and Joe C in New York NY

wanted to thank you & all you’re staff @ Dapwood for all the help in correcting my bed issues… the replacement pieces arrived on friday & i assembled my bed that night. it looks great!! can’t thank you enough for going above & beyond!! best to all @ Dapwood ~

Scott in West Haven CT

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you – the beds arrived promptly on time in fine condition, and we got them together with no problems.

These are wonderful beds! We are really impressed with the quality and the speed in which they got here. They are lovely and strong, and were easy to assemble. I particularly appreciate that you were willing to ship to Alaska – not every company is willing to go through the extra hassle!

Your service and product are top notch, and we are totally happy – thank you for all your work!

Be well,
Ellen in Fairbanks AK

The bed is beautiful! I can’t think of anyone else I’d recommend for a beautiful, well-constructed, high-quality, natural bedframe. It’s nice to be able to appreciate the wood and it’s inherent beauty.

Thanks again.

Karen in Santa Barbara CA

I just wanted to let you know that the bed arrived as scheduled and was put together quickly and my dad likes it a lot. The wood is beautiful!

Thank you very much for your help getting this order filled quickly, and getting it to him on time.

It was a pleasure doing business with you –

Carol in Mill Valley CA

I am extremely impressed with your exemplary customer service. It is becoming rare to find such passion in one’s products.

The bed itself is very strong and no creaks even with a jumping toddler. In fact we liked the bed so much that we have decided to buy our next bed from Dapwood!

Thanks & regards
Dhanashri in Richardson TX

I love your natural products and I appreciate your great customer service!
Thank you so much!
Celri in Los Angeles CA

I just wanted to let you know I was happy to find your site after owning the Hi Hat bed for some 20 years. I bought it on a trip to Madison, WI after college and brought it back to Chicago. Then later I passed it onto my son when he was out of the crib and he is now 11. What great and lovely furniture you have. I have totally enjoyed this bed and its easy assembly. Thank you!
Karen in Hinsdale IL

Hi, just wanted to let you know the bed is awesome! It’s beautiful, sturdy, and so comfortable, I swear it feels like we got a new futon. Thank you!!
Leslie in Anaheim CA

It was great quality, easy to assemble. It looks very nice. Stephen was delighted to have his new bed with the new natural mattress we had ordered. Thanks so much!
Rae in CA

It’s beautiful! We’re impressed.
Debbie in Pembroke MA

Very impressed with workmanship. We love its beauty!
Sheldon in Pt. Charlotte FL

Great product. Easy to assemble. I am impressed and will definitely recommend you.
Nancy in Rancho Mirage CA

Wonderful sleeps as if you were on a cloud.
Charles in Hamburg NY

I like the idea that the bed is solid wood with no veneers. Thank you for a quality product.
Sandra in Colorado Springs CO

Thrilled to be sleeping on organic mattress and your solid hardwood bed. No out gassing!
Candice in Pflugerville TX

A beautiful piece of art work!
Genny in Taos NM

Very beautiful- scary easy to build. Super sturdy- nicely done ;)
Kevin in Danville CA

Exactly what we’d hoped for! Love the wood- smooth, fragrant. Easy to assemble for lady of the house!
Edward in Blomington IN

Beautiful/Perfect. Easy assembly.
Ed in Ridgway CO

Nicely made!
Michelle in Laramie WY

Great bed….beautiful and comfortable.
Mackenzie in Chesapeake VA

Love it! Easy to assembly and beautiful to view. Thank you!
Tommy in Lake Lure NC

I am glad the bed frame is non-toxic! Please don’t give out our name to anyone. Tks.
M**** in Saline MI

Great furniture and excellent service.
Renate in Aguilla AZ

2nd one I bought- love the product.
Carol in Lake Placid FL

Well designed, well made, shipped promptly and superbly packed. THANK YOU!!!
Josh in Emmitsburg MD

We like its easy assembly and that wood is sustainably grown and locally harvested.
William in New York NY

Excellent! Great workmanship- good instructions!
Maryann in East Greenwich RI

Beautiful platform. Easy build and disassembly. LOVE the wood choices and upgrade options.
Robert in Conneaut OH

Love your product!!
Becky in Duluth MN

Love it. Thanks.
Bob in Sylva NC

Thanks- great design for easy assembly. Solid. Good looks. Perfect for our townhouse get-away.
Richard in Pittsburgh PA

Great quality, easy to put together.
Barbara in Ann Arbor MI

I’m enjoying the bed. The frame is very attractive.
Marti in Schenectady NY

Well made and simple design- only bed I could find with headboard below window sill…like low footboard too.
Sam in Astor FL

A simple, affordable bed that doesn’t cut corners on quality. Nice piece.
Peggy in McGaheysville VA

Love the table. Will be ordering more soon.
Kim in Chicago IL

Excellent design.
Mary in Boulder CO

Wonderful! I love my bed!
Pam in Washington DC

Far better quality hardware than V**** beds of same style/price. Much more solid construction.
Charles in Portsmouth NH

Very nice construction- nice that it can be taken apart easily.
Jane in Los Alamos NM

A joy to put together- you thought of everything!!!
Craig in N. Wales PA

My son loves it!
Dawn in Portland OR

Very nice. Beautiful wood- have been sleeping quite soundly!
K in Albuquerque NM

My second one of your beds!
Jennifer in Worcester MA

We love the simple, elegant lines of the design and the ease of assembly- looks super! Thanks!
John in Superior CO

Great construction- we love it so far!
Michelle in Littleton CO

Impressed with sturdiness and stability demonstrated in store.
Kelly in Ann Arbor MI

Impressed. Nice design. Well made. Attractive and seems very sturdy.
Tom in Venice FL

Second bed that I’ve purchased. Great bed! Good styling, craftsmanship and value.
Katrina in Portland OR

Easy to assemble, looks great, smells good too!
Karen in Santa Monica CA

Love the simple design, beautiful wood, strength and ease of assembly.
Robert in Minneapolis MN

Bed was well made and the light finish attractive. Fun to put together.
Mark in Madison WI

Good instructions and quality product.
Gordon in Corvallis OR

We really like our bed and definitely are considering purchasing other products.
Ryan in Glendale CO

Clever design, good packing for shipping, sturdy and attractive.
Earl in Burnet TX

Love the furniture- we would love to see you expand your line.
Christine in Rockville MD

I like the precision craftsmanship, beauty of design and sturdy construction.
Richard in Taos NM

Well made, beautiful wood, overall very satisfied.
Ryan in Coventry CT

Thanks for the GREAT customer service.
Debbie in Green Bay WI

The frame is elegant and obviously finely crafted. From the way it was packaged, and the way it is designed, it is clear to me that you are professionals and you have your systems refined.
Valerie in Carmel Valley CA