Dominant Home Fashion Trends in 2019

Posted on: January 28, 2019, by :

Every year about this time, home fashion magazines unveil for their readers what they see as dominant trends in the industry. So it’s no surprise that this year, publications such as Martha Stewart Living (January 21, 2019 issue, These Decor Trends will be Big in 2019) tell us that ” American Made” , “Natural Materials” , ” Handmade” and “Custom Furniture” are predicted to be among the leading trends in home decor.

While an extension of the “nesting instinct”, that is the propensity to spend more time within our abodes or perhaps fallout from the current tariff and import restriction movements, it’s not surprising that American’s are beginning to re-examine their home furnishing and pay closer attention on where their furniture comes from and what it is made of. Regardless of one’s political leanings, the America First Movement is breathing new life into domestic manufacturing and resulting in a new found respect for American craftsmanship.

While we applaud this new interest in American craftsmanship and manufacturing, Dapwood has been there all along. Our business is not based on the latest trend or novel design but rather has always been dedicated to producing timeless quality using only the highest quality all-natural materials and finishes that are toxin and VOC-Free.

Our designs and methods are time proven, never compromised. We do not produce furniture using computerized robotics or machinery. We do not import premade components. We do not have warehouse quantities of parts that on demand transform themselves into a finished product. Rather, we make our furniture one piece at a time, with specifications and customization supplied by you, our customer.

Each bed frame is made to fit your body and lifestyle requirements. This insures years of healthy and satisfying use. That is why Dapwood customers commonly come back for more, particularly as young families expand and as our more senior clients choose to upgrade their furnishings.

While we welcome the new Home Trends of 2019, we would like to say- Welcome to Our World, a place where value, timeless style, American Quality Craftsmanship and healthy living have been our product for 35+ years.

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