Buyer Beware

Remember Always- Buyer Beware

The old Latin adage- “Caveat Emptor” or “buyer beware” still holds true to this day. One would think that with all the technology and information flying around, customers would have a true sense of the quality and safety of products and services they need. Unfortunately, marketing and advertising spending has exploded to confuse and, often in our opinion, mislead consumers. Looking at the shelves at any big box store it is staggering how many products contain chemicals that are known carcinogens. Consumers are being tricked into thinking they are getting good, safe products when in actuality it is simply marketing spin.

At Dapwood Furniture, we see it regularly in our little world of eco friendly furniture. Corporate buyers more often do not ask the questions for which the answer may contradict the story they have conjured. Instead of getting pissed about it, we are going to do our best to educate or, at least it is our hope, to spark an interest and think twice about the products we purchase everyday. We will be adding more buyer beware information as time goes on.


Mattresses– They are all safe since we spend 1/3 of our day on it…right?

Imported Products– Ah, exotic goods from around the globe. We look at what it takes to keep America free of exotic pests.

Danish Oil– Ooh, some special furniture ointment from Europe. No, some mega industrial finish that has more toxins than oil.

Boiled Linseed Oil– Well, it must be linseed oil that is heated…right? WRONG. Unless heavy metals are somehow the same as boiled.

Bamboo– A super fast growing grass that must be eco friendly. If only it was that simple and true.

Teak– Wood that stands up to the elements. Unfortunately, it also falls down when it comes to civil liberties and sustainability.

VOCs– Volatile Organic Compounds must be OK since they are everywhere- from paints to dry cleaning. Uh….no.

Made in USA– If it’s 100% made in America with US labor and materials, it’s simple. If not….

Coming Soon

Man-made Woods- Or should it be “mad-man” woods because of all the other junk that is in it.

EMI- Humans can no longer live without WiFi, CDMA and Microwaves. So….how much radiation is OK?