New Mexico True Certified

Posted on: March 9, 2017, by :

Long known as “The Land of Enchantment”, New Mexico embodies a blend of tradition, culture, art, history and dramatic landscapes that defines New Mexico as uniquely different among the fifty states that make up our great country.

Recent efforts by New Mexico’s tourism department to promote this unique environment to the world has resulted with the successful “New Mexico True” campaign. Companies who produce 100% of their quality products in New Mexico can apply to the New Mexico True program to become certified. Dapwood Furniture is proud to boast that we are now New Mexico True Certified and promise to carry on the traditions that makes New Mexico truly enchanting.

Dapwood’s 31 year history of old world craftsmanship and enduring quality makes us a vital contributor to our states rich tradition of art and culture. However, there is more to be done so we are currently developing an all-new series of designs that will highlight our state’s original inhabitants.

It is our goal that when you bring Dapwood designs into your home, you too will experience what it means to be New Mexico True.