Dapwood Helping Clean the Rio Grande Bosque

Posted on: October 22, 2013, by :

Dapwood joined almost 100 other volunteers on a brisk but sunny Saturday morning to help clean up part of the Rio Grande Bosque (forest in Spanish).

Dapwood Cleanup 19Oct2013 Rio Grande Bosque Getting Started

In an unofficial poll, Dapwood was the most productive of the groups since we hauled in 4 tires, 1 kiddie pool, 1 radiator fan, 1/2 dozen golf balls, 2 bags of recycling and 4 bags of misc trash.



We were a little too good at finding tires. Several of the tires were half buried so we had to dig them out.


Cleaning up the Rio Grande Bosque

Never know what you will find in a public space cleanup

Even though we felt good helping clean the bosque, it was still sad to see how much junk we found in 1/4 mile stretch. Hopefully, our efforts will keep it looking good for several years. We did find some areas that were trash free so that was a encouraging.

We also found a mud flat area that was flooded by all the rains we had in September 2013. The mud since dried and left some interesting patterns.

Mud cracks from heavy rain along the Rio Grande