Quality Solid Furniture vs. Planned Obsolescence

Posted on: August 3, 2016, by :

As a retiring Baby Boomer, I am increasingly frustrated by the accelerated obsolescence for various products we purchase. I remember the days when you could bring a television or small appliance to a local Mom & Pop repair shop. It was cost-effective, fast and didn’t generate waste. However, over time, small repair shops began to be replaced with national repair service in which you had to send product in for repair. It wasn’t as fast or convenient but it still minimized waste. More common these days, repairs are, by design, no longer possible. Consumers must toss the old and buy a new one. Unfathomable amounts of money, time and resources are lost to the hemorrhaging landfills.

I recently came across an online story regarding this disturbing trend of “planned obsolescence

In short, the inability to repair is a consequence of the global economy: cheap products made across the globe using proprietary technology is producing products with a short life that have to be replaced frequently.

This trend has become more prevalent in the fine furniture industry as well. Gone are the days when mass marketed furniture could be taken to a craftsman for repair. To exacerbate the situation, most furniture available today, even models in fine furniture stores are no longer made with “real” wood, but rather engineered wood-like products comprised mostly of compressed saw dust and adhesives finished with a wood veneer or imitation wood laminate. And like the small appliance or computer, once it is damaged, it cannot be fix so you are forced to toss it and buy another.

At Dapwood, we believe true value and lasting beauty is still possible if you purchase furniture made with “real” wood. The natural beauty of American hardwood never goes out of style and the inherent quality of wood furniture can last many lifetimes.

For 30 years, Dapwood has been making our furniture by hand and will not give into the trend of cheap, disposable products. We give each piece the care and attention to detail it deserves. And should it suffer damage during a move or through use, there is no need to worry- Dapwood products are always repairable. Because of our unique modular construction, repairs are as simple as ordering a new leg, side rail, table top or even headboard panel. No need to replace the entire piece, simply call us and a replacement is a week away.

So while consumers like myself will continue to miss the day when an appliance, shoe, furniture or car part could be repaired, we can take comfort in knowing that Dapwood products are still built and serviced to last a lifetime- and then some. We hope other generations will understand that planned obsolescence rarely benefits the consumer and is not a sustainable option.