Solid Wood Platform Bed and Bedroom Furniture Portland

Portland Oregon SkylinePortland takes pride in being known as one of the most environmentally conscious cities on earth…as well it should. With a focus on efficient mass transit and extensive bike routes, Portland is easy to get around and explore without autos. Portlanders also had the foresight to institute an urban growth boundary to counteract urban sprawl. Oregonians relish and protect the pristine beauty of its forests, waters and air. These characteristics make Portland the type of city that understands healthy living.

Platform Bed and Furniture for Portland

Dapwood Furniture is proud to offer the highest quality line of platform bed frames that live up Portland’s high eco friendly standards. Dapwood Furniture is hand crafted using old world standards that are always free of toxins and VOCs. Dapwood Furniture can do this because we use only sustainably harvested American solid woods which are renown for their purity, beauty and strength. Using high-quality natural hardwood guarantees years of healthy sleep.

Loft and apartment living has found a new standard for the bedroom as Dapwood beds and accessories coordinate with today’s lifestyle- from exposed ceilings and vintage warehouse flooring to brick and masonry walls. Dapwood designs are recognized for their simple lines that showcase nature’s beauty.

Ideal for people that often find themselves on the move, Dapwood’s bed frames assemble and disassemble easily due to their unique construction. Plus they ship efficiently via FedEx Ground. Our hand rubbed natural finishes bring out the character of the wood and resist scuffs and dings. We believe in only making the healthiest product around so we do not use paint or apply any petroleum based chemicals of any kind.

Dapwood’s Commitment to Sustainability

Rest easy knowing that when you purchase a Dapwood platform bed frame, you have acquired the most environmentally safe frame available at any price. At Dapwood we understand that we need to do more to ensure a better future for the generations to come. That is why we work tirelessly on sustainability and are a certified B-Corporation. We don’t talk about being green- we live it like Oregonians.

If you are tired of your bed containing formaldehyde and various chemical cocktails, check out Dapwood. You will sleep better if you do.