Response to Custom Request for Inclined Sleep

Posted on: May 1, 2019, by :

A Letter from our Customer

Like many wives, I have suffered through untold nights with poor sleep due to my husband’s snoring (I admit, my spring allergies have caused me to snore too in recent years).

After investigating CPAP therapy and numerous “better sleep” websites, a friend recommended that I look into “incline sleep”. Various sites on this subject agreed that inclining our frame with a 5% slope would in their research help improve and possibly rectify the snoring that has cost me countless hours of uninterrupted sleep.

While websites suggested various temporary solutions such as placing a foam wedge under the mattress, purchasing a wedge frame to insert under mattress or placing blocks under upper headboard legs, I was intrigued to see that one European bed frame maker offered a bed frame with an inclined slope. A through search of U.S. websites yielded no similar product.

Not to be dissuaded, I contacted Dapwood Furniture ( to inquire if they could custom make a bed frame for inclined sleeping.

My perseverance paid off. Dapwood offered me two options for inclined sleep. They can either build the frame with a fixed slope or adapt any model with an adjustable slope option.

I opted for the adjustable slope option. This way if it didn’t work, I could always go back to sleeping flat.

After 4 weeks, I am thrilled to report that I am now enjoying an uninterrupted night’s sleep. The 5% slope has all but eliminated my husband’s snoring. The slope is sufficient to open our nasal passages and allow us both to sleep soundly without gasping for air.

Thanks to the “Incline Sleep Therapy” websites and Dapwood Furniture, we are enjoying restful sleep. Good job Dapwood.

Deborah J- Placitas NM