Texas family finds large beetle in kitchen table

Posted on: July 16, 2013, by :

Another reason to know where your furniture is coming from…

A family in Texas bought a kitchen table made over seas. After using the table for several months, a large beetle emerged from the table. It had eaten its way out and was looking for another place to live. Supposedly U.S. Department of Agriculture officials say the teak trunk borer from South China could not survive in the U.S. but past disasters with exotic plants and animals creates cause for concern.

This would never happen with Dapwood Furniture’s products because we only source our premium hardwoods from sustainably managed U.S. forests. Furthermore, our finishes are safe and our products do not sit in shipping containers that has been bug-bombed with strong chemicals. You can rest easy knowing that Dapwood only builds healthy, natural furniture.

You can view the video here