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Waste and Recycling

While cities around the globe grapple with ways to reduce waste through the promotion of recycling, Dapwood Furniture is proud to say that as a long-time certified B-Corporation and members of Green America, the Sustainable Furnishing Council, and the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce, we have all along been actively engaged in improving our community and planet through an aggressive recycling program. Recycling must be more than an advertising slogan and/or public relation campaign, […]

Stop buying crap

I was struggling with how to explain that we make great furniture that is built to last. To do this I was thinking of a spreadsheet with graphs comparing cheap products replaced many times versus a higher initial cost product that doesn’t need to be replaced. In the end I decided that approach was too left brained and doomed for failure. In any case, I came across this post from a few years ago and […]

Letter to City of Albuquerque update

Just thought I would update what has happened with my letter to the City regarding sustainability….. After sending the letter to all City and County officials, the Solid Waste Dept and others, I received two…yes, two…whole responses. One was from a county commission’s assistant and the other was from County Commissioner Wayne Johnson. 2 replies out of 19! I know this isn’t a number one priority for elected officials but come on. In the words […]

Letter to City of Albuquerque re: Sustainability

A letter Gregg sent to local elected officials about the backwardness of the waste policy: 16 February 2012 Mayor Richard J. Berry: [email protected] City Councilors Debbie O’Malley: [email protected] Ken Sanchez: [email protected] Isaac Benton: [email protected] Brad Winter: [email protected] Dan Lewis: [email protected] Rey Garduño: [email protected] Michael Cook: [email protected] Trudy Jones: [email protected] Don Harris: [email protected] County Commissioners Art De La Cruz: [email protected] Maggie Hart Stebbins: [email protected] Wayne Johnson: [email protected] Michelle Lujan Grisham: [email protected] Michael Wiener: [email protected] Solid Waste […]