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What is a Platform Bed

A platform bed is a bed frame that does NOT need the use of a traditional boxspring with a mattress on top. The mattress can lie directly on the supporting structure which is most often made of slats or for some manufacturers- plywood sheets. Better quality platform beds have regularly spaced slats that support the mattress […]

Wood Variation

Since our hardwood is made in nature, there will be beautiful variations. At Dapwood, every piece we make is unique. Not just a bed frame, table, nightstand, nightshelf, desk or bookcase– but every piece that goes into that furniture. We source our premium hardwoods in various lengths with random widths. Our craftsmen inspect each piece of […]

Your Best Friend Deserves the Best

  Doesn’t your pet deserve the best rest possible- free from harmful toxins and VOCs? Dapwood offers the finest pet rest on the market with one of our Pet Beds. As with all Dapwood designs, made of sustainably-harvested, premium American hardwood, toxin and VOC free. Available 3 designs, 4 sizes (kitty to large dog).   […]