Solid Wood Furniture FAQ
What is the difference between platform increase/decrease options and mattress height adjustments for the bed frames?
What is the height of the platform (where the mattress rests) on Dapwood beds?
In the rare case of a squeak developing what should I do?
Can I later change my bed to a different style?
What kind of finish is used on your products?
What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?
Why would I want my furniture to be made out of harder wood?
How do I care for my Dapwood furniture?
I've scratched my Dapwood furniture, what should I do?
How quickly will I receive my furniture?
I can't wait that long. Can I get it quicker?
What are some of the options available with your beds ?
Do I need a box-spring with your beds?
How do I disassemble the bed frame?
How do I know you manufacture quality products?
How do I know you didn't fabricate glowing comments from customers?