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For many it is a frightening word. I am convinced that some people would rather go to the dentist or speak in public before embracing change. For me, change is about the only constant in life. It is a fusion of hope and uncertainty that needs to be accepted and embraced. Business is not immune to change either so that is why we at Dapwood are in the middle of three major changes…

1. New name
2. New location
3. New products

First of all, the company name. We were looking for a way to convey our young energy. To us, “dapper” conjured up images of smart and agile men and women constantly in motion. And then on the other side, we obviously work with hardwoods so the merging of “dapper” and “hardwood” spoke to us. Simple. Straight-forward. Appropriate.

Next was the location of the company. The old space we were in was ok…just ok. The area was not the greatest, it was a long commute for most employees, it was tight, and we were just tenants. So, after looking at over 50 building (I lost exact count at 30) for over a year, we found the right fit. It needs some TLC but it is ours to change. The anxiety comes with knowing that we have to move lots of lumber, equipment and some heavy machinery….all the while making sure we don’t miss any shipping deadlines.

Lastly, we looked at our current product line and felt it needed to be updated but lots of people still liked the designs. So we made the decision to keep some of the original designs but focus our efforts of change on a new series of products.

Were these the right changes? We sure believe they were but with all changes there is always a shadow of uncertainty. Ultimately, we hope these changes resonate positively with our customers but equally important is that the changes feel good to us. So far so good. If not, we have a powerful word to work on more.