Category: Recognitions

Santa Fe New Mexican Business Article

Dapwood was interviewed for an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican a few months ago. The article just came out last week so thought we would share….New Mexico Furniture Maker Earns B Corporation Status Just in case the link doesn’t work, here is the PDF Dapwood Furniture Co. is very thankful to the Santa […]

Skoll Foundation Award for B-Corporations

Dapwood Furniture Co. is honored to be a part of the B-Corporation community that is working to be the best for the planet. B-Corporations were recently recognized by the Skoll Foundation for efforts in improving social and environmental issues. You can see a short video about B-Corporations here: 2014 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship Co-founded […]

Business Leaders Round Table

We at Dapwood are seriously concerned about our atmospheric future.¬†¬†Everyday we see examples of global climate change. The Southwest is in the middle of a major drought, the Midwest and East are being blasted by polar vortices, the South is stricken with ice storms and super storms, and the West is being hit with mud […]