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Response to Custom Request for Inclined Sleep

A Letter from our Customer Like many wives, I have suffered through untold nights with poor sleep due to my husband’s snoring (I admit, my spring allergies have caused me to snore too in recent years). After investigating CPAP therapy and numerous “better sleep” websites, a friend recommended that I look into “incline sleep”. Various sites on this subject agreed that inclining our frame with a 5% slope would in their research help improve and […]

Standing Desks Create a Healthy Workplace

History of Desks While the standing desk is a recent phenomenon, desks and work surfaces have been utilized by humans for centuries. The earliest written history of the desk can be traced back to Medieval times in which illustrations show the first desks being used for reading and writing. During the Renaissance, desks became slimmer and the use of drawers became more prolific. In the 1850’s we became familiar with the first change in desk […]

What is a Bunk Bed, Triple Bunk Bed and Loft Bed?

When I was growing up, I was an active little boy spending my days exploring the world and playing Cowboys and Indians. When I became exhausted from the day’s adventures I would stagger into my twin bed but I always yearned for a bunk bed! I don’t know if it was the ladder or the elevated height to hover over my little brother but a bunk bed was the pinnacle of kid sleeping. To this […]

Are you suffering from Electro Pollution?

We are all becoming increasingly reliant on digital devices- cell phones, Bluetooth devices, tablet notebooks and laptops. Our homes and work environments are packed with modems, routers, cable, television, electric wiring, microwave ovens, surveillance systems, low voltage lighting and baby monitors. Outside our homes and office are transformers, cell towers and high voltage power lines. Even our cars are equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and digital monitoring devices. These everyday wireless technologies and electricity generate Electromagnetic […]

Your Best Friend Deserves the Best

  Doesn’t your pet deserve the best rest possible- free from harmful toxins and VOCs? Dapwood offers the finest pet rest on the market with one of our Pet Beds. As with all Dapwood designs, made of sustainably-harvested, premium American hardwood, toxin and VOC free. Available 3 designs, 4 sizes (kitty to large dog).    

New Designs Preview

We are working on some new designs that we really like. This one was inspired by a tree knot.     This design distills down the purpose of a headboard….function (for reading in bed) and beauty (natural wood texture and color).

Tables tables tables

I don’t know about you but I always seem to need somewhere to place my drink, keys, iPad, camera, book, etc. This goes for both the bedroom as well as the living room. So, we have designed several new tables that are clean, functional and great looking. We are organizing the tables into several groups- Nightstands- usually used in the bedroom and have a drawer to keep things out of sight Side Table- can be […]

Working with hardwoods

I was helping in the shop today and I was reminded why we work with Premium American hardwoods. I was applying linseed oil to pieces for new tables and the wood made me stop and appreciate the natural beauty. I decided to take a photo of oak and walnut pieces that had oil on one half of it…. As you can see, the oil finish just enriches the natural glow of the wood grain with all […]