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Dominant Home Fashion Trends in 2019

Every year about this time, home fashion magazines unveil for their readers what they see as dominant trends in the industry. So it’s no surprise that this year, publications such as Martha Stewart Living (January 21, 2019 issue, These Decor Trends will be Big in 2019) tell us that ” American Made” , “Natural Materials” , ” Handmade” and “Custom Furniture” are predicted to be among the leading trends in home decor. While an extension […]

Damage Left Behind by Hurricane Harvey

Words are unable to describe the feelings that bellow up when viewing photos and videos of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts go out to those people who have lost so much. While we try to get in contact with our resellers in the areas affected by the storm, we want to put notice out there that anyone affected by the storm- please contact us. We would like to help if we can […]

Tragedy hits a Fellow B Corporation

Dapwood Furniture has been a proud member of the B Corporation community for over 5 years. Our goal is to foster and promote a higher standard of business practices and accountability. One of the more rewarding aspects of B Corp membership is that we are linked with like-minded businesses not only throughout the States but around the world. Like the 1970’s Coca Cola jingle “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, B Corp members […]

New Mexico True Certified

Long known as “The Land of Enchantment”, New Mexico embodies a blend of tradition, culture, art, history and dramatic landscapes that defines New Mexico as uniquely different among the fifty states that make up our great country. Recent efforts by New Mexico’s tourism department to promote this unique environment to the world has resulted with the successful “New Mexico True” campaign. Companies who produce 100% of their quality products in New Mexico can apply to […]

Are you suffering from Electro Pollution?

We are all becoming increasingly reliant on digital devices- cell phones, Bluetooth devices, tablet notebooks and laptops. Our homes and work environments are packed with modems, routers, cable, television, electric wiring, microwave ovens, surveillance systems, low voltage lighting and baby monitors. Outside our homes and office are transformers, cell towers and high voltage power lines. Even our cars are equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and digital monitoring devices. These everyday wireless technologies and electricity generate Electromagnetic […]

Quality Sleep

On average, Americans spend one third of their lives in bed – sleeping, or at least trying to! While much has been written about making the third of our day spent working more productive, interesting and rewarding; and much has been said about improving mealtimes with food that is more nutritious, more satisfying, and more interesting; little attention has been given to how we can make our sleep time more rejuvenating! Now, get ready for […]

Buyer Beware

CBS 60 Minutes aired a segment this past Sunday evening (March 1, 2015) ( alleging that much of the laminate flooring made in China for Lumber Liquidators, contains high levels of formaldehyde- a known human carcinogen. In some cases, formaldehyde levels tested at 20X the level approved by the California Air Resource Board, commonly known as CARB2. The toxicity of laminated flooring is just the latest item sold en mass to US customers that may […]

Dapwood on the Airwaves…again

Dapwood Furniture Co. was invited to be on the popular marketing program called Ask those Branding Guys on KVSF, the Voice of Santa Fe. It was fun to be in a studio and see how the process works but also to talk about our company and how we are working toward making a difference- not only making the most healthy furniture around but also in our business practices and how you have to always work […]

The Creative Climate

An interesting article by David Brooks of the New York Times appeared this week which talks about working together and how B-Corps are having an impact on business today. In case the article is moved in the future, here is a PDF. Dapwood Furniture Co. is excited to be a certified B-Corporation and changing “business as usual”.

Santa Fe New Mexican Business Article

Dapwood was interviewed for an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican a few months ago. The article just came out last week so thought we would share….New Mexico Furniture Maker Earns B Corporation Status Just in case the link doesn’t work, here is the PDF Dapwood Furniture Co. is very thankful to the Santa Fe New Mexican for identifying companies working to advance sustainability. Dapwood works toward this goal by making the healthiest furniture […]