Well, we unfortunately didn’t win the New Mexico Business Weekly’s award this year but we were happy to see that well deserving non-profits Adelante  and Roadrunner Food Bank did get the award.  While we were disappointed, it was still an honor to be selected out of over 100 applications. We are re-energized to continue our mission of sustainability….and for making it to the top next year. Overall the experience was a great one for all of
We just received notice today (6/14/2012) that Dapwood Furniture Co. has been selected as an honoree for the New Mexico Business Weekly’s Sustainable Business Summit awards. There were over 100 applicants and to be chosen to get to the next stage is a huge honor. The winners will be announced on July 26th at  New Mexico’s Sustainable Business Summit. To all of us here, it is confirmation that we are leading the way in changing business
We are happy to announce that Dapwood Furniture Co. has been nominated for the New Mexico Business Weekly’s Sustainable Business Award. We are putting the final touches on our questionnaire so the judges can see Dapwood’s hard work. We hope to meet other manufacturers and create a critical mass to help make sustainability a reality in New Mexico and beyond!
I was struggling with how to explain that we make great furniture that is built to last. To do this I was thinking of a spreadsheet with graphs comparing cheap products replaced many times versus a higher initial cost product that doesn’t need to be replaced. In the end I decided that approach was too left brained and doomed for failure. In any case, I came across this post from a few years ago and
Just thought I would update what has happened with my letter to the City regarding sustainability….. After sending the letter to all City and County officials, the Solid Waste Dept and others, I received two…yes, two…whole responses. One was from a county commission’s assistant and the other was from County Commissioner Wayne Johnson. 2 replies out of 19! I know this isn’t a number one priority for elected officials but come on. In the words
A letter Gregg sent to local elected officials about the backwardness of the waste policy: 16 February 2012 Mayor Richard J. Berry: [email protected] City Councilors Debbie O’Malley: [email protected] Ken Sanchez: [email protected] Isaac Benton: [email protected] Brad Winter: [email protected] Dan Lewis: [email protected] Rey Garduño: [email protected] Michael Cook: [email protected] Trudy Jones: [email protected] Don Harris: [email protected] County Commissioners Art De La Cruz: [email protected] Maggie Hart Stebbins: [email protected] Wayne Johnson: [email protected] Michelle Lujan Grisham: [email protected] Michael Wiener: [email protected] Solid Waste
I had forgotten to post that Dapwood was in the magazine Elle Decor with our Still Waters bed frame. Unfortunately, there was so many pillows and blankets that it is hard to see the beautiful frame underneath. In any case, I thought it was a nice photo and cool to be in a great nationwide publication.      
I went to Green Drinks last night which was hosted by the NM Green Chamber of Commerce– Albuquerque/Rio Rancho chapter. The guest speaker was Carolyn Parrs with Mind over Markets whose presentation was “Kermit is Dead: Effective Messaging in Today’s Green Market”. The talk was both informative but at the same time disheartening. Carolyn explained that green is really mainstream now and consumers expect all products to have a green tint to it. What was
Now in its second year, American Craft Week is a nationwide celebration of the wonders of our country’s craft traditions and innovations. Beginning the first Friday of October and running for ten days, this year’s event will take place October 7-16 at galleries, artists’ studios, festivals and art institutions across the country. American Craft Week brings together individuals, small businesses and organizations from all fifty states in recognition of the countless ways handmade objects enrich
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We are happy to announce that we have a new addition to our crew….Margie. She is an Australian Shepard mix that we adopted from the local Animal Humane Association. She is 9 years young so super mellow and very sweet. She has already demonstrated that she is great with kids since she was surrounded by 10+ T-ball players on her first night. Around the shop it is her responsibility to meet and greet guests as
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