Author: Gregg

Wood Variation

Since our hardwood is made in nature, there will be beautiful variations. At Dapwood, every piece we make is unique. Not just a bed frame, table, nightstand, nightshelf, desk or bookcase– but every piece that goes into that furniture. We source our premium hardwoods¬†in various lengths with random widths. Our craftsmen inspect each piece of lumber and have to decide how to make pieces flat, straight, true, and free of cracks. Our craftsmen also have […]

Encouraging Democracy

Getting closer to election day, I was getting more and more upset with how our election system works so I wrote a letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal which was published. It helped get things off my chest and hopefully planted a seed in the minds of other concerned citizens. Link to site here PDF of Letter to Editor October 2014

The Creative Climate

An interesting article by David Brooks of the New York Times appeared this week which talks about working together and how B-Corps are having an impact on business today. In case the article is moved in the future, here is a PDF. Dapwood Furniture Co. is excited to be a certified B-Corporation and changing “business as usual”.

Santa Fe New Mexican Business Article

Dapwood was interviewed for an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican a few months ago. The article just came out last week so thought we would share….New Mexico Furniture Maker Earns B Corporation Status Just in case the link doesn’t work, here is the PDF Dapwood Furniture Co. is very thankful to the Santa Fe New Mexican for identifying companies working to advance sustainability. Dapwood works toward this goal by making the healthiest furniture […]

New Designs Preview

We are working on some new designs that we really like. This one was inspired by a tree knot.     This design distills down the purpose of a headboard….function (for reading in bed) and beauty (natural wood texture and color).

Helping our community

Dapwood shed some calories on Sunday for the annual Run for the Zoo. While the time for the 10K was no where near record breaking, it was good to get some exercise and raise money for the Albuquerque zoo, aquarium and botanic gardens. Anyone who visits Albuquerque or lives here knows that the BioPark is a wonderful family get away.  

Camping under the Stars

Something very magical about camping under the stars in the middle of nowhere. We had Orion watching over our tent and warmth from the fire to counter the breeze. It was a good night.

Skoll Foundation Award for B-Corporations

Dapwood Furniture Co. is honored to be a part of the B-Corporation community that is working to be the best for the planet. B-Corporations were recently recognized by the Skoll Foundation for efforts in improving social and environmental issues. You can see a short video about B-Corporations here: 2014 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship Co-founded by longtime friends and colleagues, Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan, and Andrew Kassoy, B Lab is fueling a global movement […]

Very Large Array (VLA) Radio Observatory

The Very Large Array (VLA) Radio Observatory west of Magdalena, New Mexico is a cool place to visit and gets you to ponder what else may be out there.  

Trinity Site (Ground Zero)

The Trinity Site near San Antonio NM is the location of man’s first atomic bomb detonation. Since it is on the northern end of White Sands Missile Range, access to the site is very restricted. With budget cuts, it is now only open to the public once a year and is a sort of circus with cars backed up at the Stallion gate check and people everywhere. It made it hard to think about what […]