Month: August 2015

Standing Desks Create a Healthy Workplace

History of Desks

While the standing desk is a recent phenomenon, desks and work surfaces have been utilized by humans for centuries. The earliest written history of the desk can be traced back to Medieval times in which illustrations show the first desks being used for reading and writing. During the Renaissance, desks became slimmer and the use of drawers became more prolific.

In the 1850’s we became familiar with the first change in desk design, as evidenced by Bob Cratchit in Dickens “A Christmas Carole”, sitting on a high stool using a drawing desk.

With the Industrial Revolution, society saw the advent of the white collar/office worker and wide spread use of the sitting desk which became the industry standard. As computers and digital storage replaced paper work and the need for physical file storage, the sitting desk was modified only slightly and, in actuality, little has changed in a hundred years.

The Health of Sitting

With society’s well-founded concerns on health and subsequent development of ergonomics, more and more research is showing that the traditional sitting desk is bad for your health. A compendium of studies published in 2012 found that sitting for long periods of time can be hazardous to your body or as some have deemed “sitting is the new smoking”. Researchers also point out that societies without “desk jobs” do not have lower back problems that plague many Americans.

Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time, year after year, greatly increase one’s risk of Metabolic and Cardiovascular problems. Sitting slows production of body chemicals essential for processing sugar and fat which in turn increases risk of Type 2 Diabetes as well as adversely affecting ones blood pressure.

Some studies suggest that sitting for long periods are associated with a higher risk of many forms of cancer including breast, colon, prostate, lung and ovarian. While underlying reasons are unclear, scientists have found a number of bio markers such as C-reactive protein, present in people who sit long periods.

The Dapwood Standing Desk

As part of our commitment to craft only healthy furniture, Dapwood has added our version of the Standing Desk (sometimes referred to as a “Sit Stand Desk” or a “Stand Up Desk”). We have gone beyond all other manufacturers in creating a desk that is ergonomically friendly, ecologically responsible as well as BEAUTIFUL. We believe it is the most advanced and sustainable design available today.

We start with a thick slab of “urban wood”. The tree that provided this wood is from Midwestern cities where it either came down in a storm or had to be removed for safety or road expansion. This type of wood is normally sent to the landfill, chipper or fireplace, but was rescued and given a second life- as a piece of beautiful furniture. Dapwood preserves the natural bark edge (or “live edge”) and welcomes knots, figuring, and all else unique in the slab. This natural wood is hand worked and finished with all natural oil finishes. It contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or toxins to provide years of eco friendly beauty.

To insure the healthiest ergonomic environment, our urban wood standing desk top is supported by an electric lift base. With the touch of a button, the desk surface can be silently raised or lowered to conform to a users exact height requirements. Standing at one’s optimum work level allows the body to adjust and move. Using and flexing muscles automatically keep blood circulating and blood sugar regulated. Posture improves and skeletal benefits promote a healthier life.

Users who wish to get a workout while working, our standing desk tops can raise high enough so that a treadmill can easily fit under the Dapwood Standing Desk. While we suppose it could be used to train for a marathon, most users have the treadmill set to a very slow pace so it doesn’t interfere with typing, writing or phone calls.

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to your sitting desk, check out Dapwood’s Standing Desk today. Our Sit-Stand-Treadmill desk combines beauty and function like no other. And with all of Dapwood’s Standing Desks, no two are alike and of course it is made in America!


Short on space but don’t want to sacrifice style for utility? Or need a multi-purpose room to double as a guest bedroom and office? Dapwood’s eco friendly daybeds offer the perfect solution.

Not exactly sure what a daybed is, daybeds are typically three (sometimes two) sided frames so that throw pillows can be added to make it like a sofa during the day and used as a bed at night. Most daybeds use twin size mattresses but Dapwood regularly makes them in full and queen sizes too. The height of the platform is typically adjusted so when used with a mattress the sitting height is around a comfortable 20″. Daybeds seamlessly combine function and practicality with good looks.

Crafted from solid American hardwoods, Dapwood daybeds are always in style and never contain toxins or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Dapwood currently offers the minimalist look of the Lakeshore Hideaway Daybed and the Forest Park Daybed or the timeless sophistication of the Dappled Path Daybed. Dapwood also creates custom designs to meet most any look.

Usability can be further enhanced since Dapwood daybeds are designed to conceal our Hidden Valley Trundle Bed for additional guests. The trundle bed is on casters and can be rolled out at night and tuck away during the day. If additional storage is required, Dapwood’s Underbed Drawers can provide space for bulky items. Dapwood products are guaranteed to give you years of service while always fitting your décor.

Dapwood’s unique hidden hardware insures strength and when it is time to move, it is a snap to disassemble and reassemble. Premium woods are not only elegant but resist the nicks and damage of inexpensive imports. Our hand rubbed linseed oil or plant base color stains coordinate with modern, traditional and child décor.

Dapwood makes the best platform beds and daybeds- period.

What is a Bunk Bed, Triple Bunk Bed and Loft Bed?

When I was growing up, I was an active little boy spending my days exploring the world and playing Cowboys and Indians. When I became exhausted from the day’s adventures I would stagger into my twin bed but I always yearned for a bunk bed! I don’t know if it was the ladder or the elevated height to hover over my little brother but a bunk bed was the pinnacle of kid sleeping. To this day, I still have bunk bed dreams!

The kid-preferred bunk bed has not been forgotten at Dapwood. We offer an extensive array of bunk bed options. In fact, most of our platform bed designs can be modified to make a bunk bed.

Still Water BunkbedBut we do not stop there. In addition to the standard twin over twin bunk bed configuration, Dapwood offers a triple bunk bed- twin over double(full). Of for those children who need a little more room (or parents who seek more sleeping options) we can craft a twin XL over queen size bed frame. Options are practically limitless.

Dapwood also makes trundle beds that are stored under the lower bed frame during the day. Casters on the trundle bed make it easy to pull out and provide another bed for sleepovers or visiting family.

In addition to bunk beds and triple bunk beds, Dapwood also offers loft beds- an elevated bed frame with ample room underneath. Ideal for smaller bedrooms or dorm rooms, our loft beds multitask- providing space for studying, gaming or simply relaxing.

Like all Dapwood furniture, our bunk beds are eco friendly- no toxins, no VOCs, handcrafted with only solid, sustainably harvested American hardwood. Our bunk beds, triple bunk beds and loft beds are time tested and absolutely safe for your growing child.

Whatever the need for your home and children, please contact Dapwood Furniture so we can craft your special bunk bed version.