Month: March 2014

Tables tables tables

I don’t know about you but I always seem to need somewhere to place my drink, keys, iPad, camera, book, etc. This goes for both the bedroom as well as the living room. So, we have designed several new tables that are clean, functional and great looking.

We are organizing the tables into several groups-

Nightstands- usually used in the bedroom and have a drawer to keep things out of sight

Side Table- can be used in any room but does not have a drawer

Pedestal Table- A tall elegant table great for showing off wonderful pieces of art, be it from a local artist or your son/daughter

Console- A longer, narrow table perfect for a flat screen TV. Some will have lower shelves for media players.


Dappled Path Nightstand, Mountain Twilight Nightstand & Dappled Path Pedestal


Still Waters Console

Mountain Twilight Console Table

New stuff

Personally (and also as a company) we are always working toward being more and more sustainable. It’s one of those things that is a journey and not a destination. One of the items that has always bothered us is the small pieces of wood that fall-off or had to be cut off because of knots or cracks. It is perfectly good and beautiful wood but you can’t really stretch or glue end grain together. For these pieces we donate them to East Central Ministries for use in their small community projects and for those that need wood as a heat source in winter.

We feel good about this partnership but we felt there is a higher purpose for these pieces of wood. Mother Nature took decades to make these unique works of art so they need to be on display! Therefore, we are in the process of developing a line of Charcuterie and Cheese Platters. We want the innate beauty of the wood to speak on its own so we decided the simplest of design was required.  More to come.

Would you like to see more Dapwood products? Share with us your ideas and we will send a Dapwood gift to you!

Cheese and Meat Platters



Show us yours

We just did a photo shoot at a customer’s house in the East Mountain area of Albuquerque.  It is a wonderful custom home with great details.

Dappled Path Daybed in Cherry

This got us thinking….over the years we have received photos of our products in customers homes.
Here is one with our frame installed with casters.
Maple Bedframe on Casters

Here is one with my boys testing the sturdiness of our frames.

The jump test being performed on Dapwood bedframes

Wouldn’t it be fun to get a glimpse into other people’s creative uses of our furniture….or just a silly snapshot. If you have something to share, please send to us at [email protected] (photos must be minimum 640 pixels x 480 pixels). If selected, we will be sure to send you a Dapwood gift.

We would love to see yours!