Month: March 2013

Benefit Corporation Legislation Dead in New Mexico

For unknown reasons, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez became the first governor in the U.S. to veto Benefit Corporation legislation. Since she did not sign the bill and allowed it to die, the office doesn’t provide any explanation as to why she didn’t sign it even though it had overwhelming bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate.

This was very frustrating for Dapwood because it was good legislation that would help small businesses in New Mexico. My only explanation is that the Governor was more interested in passing legislation to help the TV and movie industry and the space port– more sexy and high-profiled industries.

Even though this has been a step back for the state, Dapwood is moving forward with becoming B-Corporation certified to prove we are a different type of company. Hopefully the state will catch up to the changes happening to businesses across the globe next year.

Letter to Susana Martinez asking for signature on HB40

All Wood is Not Created Equal

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Hannah Mich, my sister-in-law and the founder of  The interview was for a blog titled “All Wood is Not Created Equal” and includes tips on purchasing quality, eco-friendly wood furniture. For the full interview and blog follow this link 

I also encourage you to browse the website, which includes information and useful tools on green living and environmental health.


Benefit Corporation Legislation Update (HB40)

After passing two NM House Committees and an overwhelming positive House Floor vote, HB40 New Mexico Benefit Corporation Legislation passed through the second Senate Committee last night! The bill is now off to the Senate Floor for vote and if all goes well there, up to the Governor’s office for signature.

It has been an interesting experience for me to see how our legislative process really works in New Mexico. This years Legislative session is ending this Saturday at noon so it is really crunch time at the capital. The Senate was on the Floor until  after 6 pm so the normal Senate Judiciary Committee start time of 2:30 pm was not going to happen. The committee started around 6:30 pm and we waited patiently until about 10:30 pm to have HB40 heard.  There were some good questions from the Senators that expert witness, Erik Trojian of B-Lab, was able to address.  There was a lot of support for the bill in the audience and I explained to the committee why I believe HB40 would be a good for Dapwood.

1. Ensure that the business’s mission continues if I were to suddenly kick the bucket or sell controlling interest in the company. (Neither of which I plan to do but who knows what the future brings.)

2. Encourage investment in New Mexico companies by investors who want to help build socially minded companies.

It was hard getting home in the wee hours of the morning but I feel the effort will be worth it for New Mexico and Dapwood.