Month: August 2011

New addition to the crew

We are happy to announce that we have a new addition to our crew….Margie.


She is an Australian Shepard mix that we adopted from the local Animal Humane Association. She is 9 years young so super mellow and very sweet. She has already demonstrated that she is great with kids since she was surrounded by 10+ T-ball players on her first night.

Around the shop it is her responsibility to meet and greet guests as well as provide a little pick me up for the rest of the crew when things get a little crazy.

As you can see, Margie is getting into the swing of things….

We hope everyone will have a chance to meet Margie soon.

Working with hardwoods

I was helping in the shop today and I was reminded why we work with Premium American hardwoods. I was applying linseed oil┬áto pieces for new tables and the wood made me stop and appreciate the natural beauty. I decided to take a photo of oak and walnut pieces that had oil on one half of it….

Oak and Walnut with Linseed oil partially applied

As you can see, the oil finish just enriches the natural glow of the wood grain with all of the unique patterns and colors. To me, applying the oil finish is almost like opening a gift- you sort of have a good guess of what is inside but you just don’t truly know until you tear into it.